LYNN Vriesen Fotografie

LYNN Vriesen Fotografie

Photographer specialized in pregnancy photoshoots and newborn photo shoots

Radiant photos, even if you think you’re not photogenic

I use special techniques during a photo shoot, which make you quickly feel at ease and the photos look spontaneous.

13 years of experience

I have been photographing pregnant women, newborn babies and families for over 13 years. Thanks to my extensive experience, I can guarantee that a shoot is always a success.

Pregnancy photoshoot


That kicking in your belly, forever
capture it so you will never forget it

Newborn photoshoot


Photos of your newborn baby to cherish forever, so you never forget how little they were

Family photoshoot


A fun activity for the whole family, resulting in a beautiful photo for the wall

Frequently Asked Questions photoshoot

I can imagine that you have some questions about one of the photo shoots. That is why I have posted a number of frequently asked questions with the answers below.

If you have any questions, please send me a message via the Contact page.

1. I am very happy that I am pregnant, but I don't feel beautiful and I don't think I can look good in a photo

Where does that thought come from?
Don’t you think you’re beautiful now that you’re pregnant?
Don’t you feel like yourself and don’t want that in the photo?
Is your pregnancy very difficult?
Are you very tired or nauseous a lot?
Do you feel insecure?⁠
Are you very introverted or shy?⁠

Your thoughts can determine how you see yourself sometimes. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t find yourself beautiful. ⁠

Maybe you recognize the following. You look at photos from the past and wish you looked like that again, so slim or so cheerful or so carefree. But did you also feel that way at that moment?

In other words. Sometimes your feelings make you see yourself as less good than you actually are. ⁠

And that can also be a reason to do a photo shoot. Because after giving birth you often feel better and different and many discomforts have disappeared. ⁠

When you look back at your pregnant photos, you might think ‘why did I ever think I wasn’t pretty when pregnant?’ ⁠

You will see how powerful you really were. Your body has carried a living being and done everything it had to do. And that is a top achievement!⁠

And you can be very proud of that!⁠

In addition, I use special techniques so that everyone looks beautiful and like themselves in the photo. Your pregnancy is a unique experience and will never come back, how cool is it that you have a beautiful and tangible memory of it?!

Not only for yourself, but especially for your child when he/she arrives and grows up.

2. How does a photo session work?

Once you are sure you want to book a photo session, you can call me or fill in the contact form. Calling is faster and I can also answer any questions you have and provide more information. If you would like, you can also come to my studio and we can get to know each other. And this might make a photo session just a little less exciting.

Everyone finds it exciting to have their photo taken and if you have seen each other beforehand, such a photo session suddenly becomes a lot more relaxing.

In my studio I also have all the products that I offer, such as albums and wall art. You can view and touch the products, so you can see that they are high-quality photo products. You may also be able to better imagine what your photos will look like and where you would like to hang them.

After the photo session I edit all the photos extensively and put them in a beautiful slideshow. I will show you this during the ordering session.

During this ordering session you can once again view and feel all the products and I can give you advice on which product suits you best.

If you want, you can even send me a photo in advance of the room in your home where you would like to hang a photo, so that I can mount one of the photos in it to see how it will look in the end.

Once you have placed and paid for the order, I will order the products for you. As soon as I receive these, I will deliver or send them to you.

3. I'd rather prefer photos of my baby than photos of my pregnancy

As soon as your baby is born, you actually forget a bit who and how you were before that time. It is difficult then to imagine a time without your child(ren).

Together with your partner, an expectant time in which you look forward to the moment your child arrives. Your big belly, in which you feel movement all day long. A period in which you will never feel your baby as close to you as the moment you are pregnant. That’s worth capturing!

And did you know… that children when they grow up find it really interesting to see how they were in their mother’s belly?!

4. I love a newborn photo session, but we already have so many expenses

When you have a baby, you have a lot of expenses, that’s true. But think about what it gets you.

Imagine that your child is 10 years old and you did not have professional photos taken of those early days and you think ‘I wish I had…’, how much money would you be willing to pay now to still have them, to have those photos?

When you are expecting a child, you have a lot of expenses: furnishing the baby room, stroller, maxi cosi, clothes, etc. But after a few months/years you no longer need all these things. You have spent a lot of money on it but you will not get anything out of it in the long run.

A photo session of your baby is forever! The period when your child is still so super small is very short and after a few months you can hardly imagine how small he/she actually was.

And actually the MOST important thing… you have something made for yourself, but especially for your child for later. Because how cool is it when he/she is an adult and will have a baby and can then compare him/her with his own baby photos?!

SAVING TIP: Look at second-hand strollers, they are often as good as new and cost a fraction of a new stroller.

5. Can I still book a newborn photo session if I have already given birth?

Of course you can always contact me to see if I still have a spot available somewhere. A newborn photo shoot is also possible with babies who are older than 4 weeks.

But to be sure that I am still available, I recommend that you book your photo session during your pregnancy. This way you are assured of a place in my schedule and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

There are already plenty of things you need to think about or arrange when you are pregnant and you can check them off immediately.

6. Why should I order a photo product and not just digital photos?

What I often hear from customers when I ask them…

Have you done anything with the digital photos?

Is that they have not yet had the time to make an album, for example, or do not know which photo they would like to hang, or have plans to move and do not yet know what they want to hang in the new house.

And in the end they don’t do anything with the photos…. It’s a shame, because if you order a photo product you can enjoy it right away. And wall art you can move along with you. There is always a nice spot to hang it. 

A beautiful album that you can easily show to all the maternity visitors or that great wall art that hangs prominently on your wall and that makes you happy every day when you look at it. Doesn’t that actually help you a lot more?!

About me

Thanks to a very difficult period in my life, I discovered where my passion lies.

A few years ago I was only concerned with getting pregnant, it was almost an obsession. It didn’t happen naturally and we soon ended up in the hospital for IVF.

If you end up in such a process, you really only want one thing… to get pregnant quickly! It ultimately took us 4 years before I became pregnant with our first child.

Wow we were so happy!

“Linda is a nice person! She takes beautiful photos and really thinks along with you. We did a newborn shoot and have never been so happy with a photo shoot. Definitely recommended!”


“Last year we had a photo shoot with Linda for the fourth time and of course it was the fourth time for good reason! The photos once again turned out beautiful. Linda ensures that you do not feel uncomfortable while ‘posing’. And with the little ones she is very patient. I can recommend it to everyone to have Linda capture this special period in your life in such a beautiful way.”


What customers say…

“We have done a maternity shoot with Linda before and this time we also did a photo shoot of us as a family with Linda. Once again, beautiful photos! When I saw the photos for the first time, I burst into tears because the photos turned out so beautiful and our son and also beautifully captured us as a family. Very beautiful pictures that are very dear to us!”


“What a nice photo shoot I had! Linda makes sure that you look your best in the photo. She constantly gives tips on posture and it is so relaxing. No stress about how to get into the photo because she tells you exactly what to do. In the meantime, you can enjoy conversation and laugh a lot, which creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
Also super happy with the result! So many beautiful photos that I actually wanted to have them all 😚
Thank you Linda! You are really great!”


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